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Women’s Hair Products-For A More Natural Look & Feel

Hair Styles That Have Changed Over The Years

Blue Mohawk: Color of the year classic blue

Hairstyling products have had a significant impact over the years with how different some people use to style their hair.

This would change their look and appearance with the 80’s having a punk movement using hair gel to sculpt spiky hairstyles.

Some many years later a soap-substance was used as a cleaning agent, Chase products were one of the first company’s to package hair spray. Hairspray was very popular in the ’50s which had the ability to keep hair in its place without losing that styled look. Since then women’s hair products have come a long way.

Women’s Different Hairstyles And Cuts

  • Bob cut, a classic short hairstyle above the shoulders with a blunt cut with no layers. Among most women, this is the most common style.




  • Pixie cut, a very short hairstyle for women, with or without the shaggy fringe.



  • Chignon, a specific type of bun that can be worn on top of the head or at the back of the head, this bun is smoothly wrapped at the base of the neck.





Hair Gel

Hair gel is a product to stiffen and hold the hair in a particular style. The end result is the same but is stronger than hair spray. Hair gel is used more on men’s hair but this is not gendered specific by any means. Hair gel can come in tubes, pots, and sprays.

Hair Wax

Hair wax is a thick hair styling compound/product containing the wax. This will help hold the hair in place. Some of the hair products such as hair gels leave the hair hard in texture, the hair wax will leave hair pliable. Many manufacturers are now releasing different versions of hair wax, such as pomade, putty, glue, glypto, whip, and styling paste.

Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is a product added to hair for extra volume and shine. Mousse is commonly produced as a foam, but can also be found as a spray. When applying mousse to the hair, will add volume without causing the hair to form clumps or buildup. It is a lighter alternative than using gel. Mousse is generally applied to the roots of damp hair before blow-drying or styling. Mousse may also be used to add definition to curls or to add texture to hair for a beach-blown effect.


Pomade is a water-based or oil-based designed product to have that slick-looking hairstyle.

Unlike hairspray & gels, pomade will last longer and will not dry out, but pomade will take a few washers to get out, you will need a heavier shampoo & deep cleansing conditioners to remove this product.

You could also use, dishwashing liquid, lemon juice, & olive oil.

Pomade is mostly oil-based, which contains petroleum jelly, and in fact, they say petroleum jelly can be used as a pomade.

Pomade may also contain perfume & coloring dyes. Pomade is still in production today and has varying factors such as scent, weight, & shine.

The stiffer pomade is will have a higher proportion of beeswax. And with the lighter pomade may have higher proportions of oils.

Hair Spray

Hair and body care. 

Hairspray is a household solution that is to stiffen the hair into a certain style. Hairspray was manufactured back in 1948 by Chase Products.

Hairspray will hold that style in place, but hairspray is not as strong as wax or gel.

You can remove hairspray from your hair by simply brushing it out, by brushing out the hairspray will break down the stiffness of the hair.

The ingredients in hairspray are polymers which will keep the hair stiff for a period of time.

Hairspray’s today have solvents such as alcohols and hydrocarbons that are safer for our environment, early hairspray’s had CFC’S ( chlorofluorocarbon ) which was no good for the ozone.

Other than polymers used in hairsprays is polyvinylpyrrolidone which is water-soluble.

Some hairsprays use natural polymers and solvents like vegetable gums dissolved in alcohol, one of the ingredients in natural hairspray are gum arabic, which comes from the sap of an acacia tree.

Hair Conditioner

Split Ends Repair Treatment.

A hair conditioner is a hair product that will improve the feel & manageability of the hair. Conditioner’s main purpose is to reduce friction when combing or brushing your hair and to give it that smooth silky feel. Conditioner is also good for repairing & strengthening your hair and any split ends that your hair may have. Conditioner’s come in various other forms, such as gel’s, liquids & creams.