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Nail Polish Art-Learning A New Technique

Nail Polish And Where It First Originated From

Nail polish/varnish/enamel is a lacquer that protects the nail. Nail polish dates back to 3000 BCE and originated in China, nail polish was made from a few ingredients which are made up of beeswax, vegetable dyes, gelatin, and egg whites.

Some Greek women as an ancient custom used to paint their nails pink, the nail polish besides protecting the nail can enhance its decorative looks and stop cracking or peeling off the nail.

Types Of Polish And Coats

Base Coats

This type of nail polish art is a clear, milky-colored, pink polish that is used specifically before you apply nail polish to the nail. Its purpose is to strengthen nails, restore and moisturize the nail. It prevents staining and extends the lifespan of the manicure. With some base coats it could be marked as ridge fillers, this can create a smooth surface on the nail, taking out the ridges that may appear on unbuffed nails.

There are some base coats called “peel off’ which will allow the user to peel off the nail polish without them using any nail polish remover







Top Coat

This type of polish is a clear polish formula that is used specifically after applying nail polish to the nail. Some of the topcoats will be labeled ” quick-drying”, topcoats may help the colored polish dry quicker. This will give the polish a more complete and desired appearance and will help keep the polish lasting longer.


Gel polish is a long-lasting nail polish that is made up of methacrylate polymer. This is applied to the nail as traditional nail polish, the gel polish will not dry but instead, this will cure under ultraviolet light /lamp or UV/LED.

Most nail polishes can normally last longer, anywhere between 3-8 days without chipping, whereas gel polish lasts up to 2-3 weeks with proper care.

Gel polish is much harder to remove than traditional nail polish, gel polish is usually removed with acetone by soaking your nails anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

Another way you can remove the gel polish is to soak cotton balls in acetone and place them on the nails and wrap them in tin foil for about 15/20 minutes, then with a wooden cuticle tool gently push the gel off the nail plates, then lightly buff the area with a buffing tool.

I would also recommend applying oil to your nails and cuticles to rehydrate the nail and skin.






The Art Work On Finger Nails

Branding A Design On Your Finger Nails

Luxury brands with a manicure featuring a company’s logo displayed on your fingernails is an excellent example of how to wear this without being over the top, for short designer logo names such as Chanel’s, Apple or any short logo or initials work well in a limited space. The nail polish art is a great way also to show off your true self and also express the person you are.



Gold Art Work On Nails

Gold and natural nail designs are a fantastic way to indulge in the nail art trend, if you have a steady hand or have a skilled manicurist, then you can paint gold designs on a neutral base. You will be able to create nice designs that will stand out and show your natural talent. This creative design artwork on fingernails lets you show the unique style of who you are and being different in a unique way.



Nail Art Face Design

A new way of modern art into your nail design is by having your nails designed with faces on them. The attention to detail and creating sharp lines on the design are simply superb. The person doing the work will have the skills and a steady hand to create this design that looks amazing. Alternatively, decals and nail wraps are a brilliant alternative if you don’t have a manicurist or want to create this look at home. It’s bold and unique and looks striking with the combination of black and nude colors.






How Often Should I Get My Nails Manicured And Pedicured?

This will depend on your lifestyle , if your hands are exposed to the harsh elements and wear and tear with the type of work you do, then your nails will need to be looked after more regularly, it is best to have your nails manicured and pedicured at least every 2 weeks, this will keep your nails in good shape and looking good. Within the 2-week time frame, your cuticles may begin to dry out and start to be a little jagged around the edges, you could have your nail varnish start to chip away from your nail. So with regular visits will keep your nails in good shape. also, vitamins are a great way to look after your nails on a daily basis.

Tools for manicure and nail care







Decorating Your Finger And Toe Nails

  • Piercings
  • Nail art pens
  • Glitters
  • Stamping
  • Water Decals
  • Adding accessories
  • Also, you can add bow-ties, beads, studs & flowers, and other features that you may like when decorating your fingernails.

To decorate the nails, manicurists use several tools, such as:

  • Nail dotters
  • Art  brushes for your nails
  •  Tape/ stickers
  • Colored striping tape, preferably a thin striping tape

Sponges, for that special effect, to finish off your nails