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Mens Aftershave – A Fragrance For Men

A Little History About Cologne And Where This Came From




Perfumery goes back hundreds of years, with men’s fragrance dating back to 1709 in Cologne, an Italian ex-pat Giovanni Maria Farina created this special scent to give honor to his hometown where he lived. The fragrance ( Cologne ) came from the name of his hometown.

A welcome fragrance to heavy scent was welcomed at the time, it consists of citrus, flowers, and herbs.

Soon Giovanni Eau De Cologne was sold throughout his hometown and Europe a royal favourite.

Many generations later, Forina family still produces the unisex Eau De Cologne.

There have been a number of imitations that emerge over time, and a lot of counterfeits, it may be still possible to purchase the original fragrance and sanctioned variations,


 Fragrance Is A Multi-Billion-Dollar Business

In these day’s the sign of success ( Cologne ) is a label for all men’s fragrances.

The colognes fragrance has over time changed the industry, the Men’s aftershave fragrance is no longer considered a luxury for the wealthy.

With a production line in full effect, this men’s fragrance is a multi-billion-dollar business.

Buying The Right Cologne

When buying a cologne you are looking for a scent that will suit your requirements for your skin and your style.

You want a cologne that will last for hours and not minutes.

The best way to choose your Men’s aftershave fragrance is to try some test samples at a department store in the cosmetic section.

Some guys like to have that one signature scent that they are accustomed to using most of the time.

I would suggest having a few colognes for different engagements and for different seasons of the year.

Stick with the fresher fragrances in summer, and have a woodier spicer cologne for some of the cooler months of the year.

It is best to try a sample card before choosing your cologne, and also try some test colognes to see how the cologne

develops and changes after a few hours.

You could also ask friends what cologne they use and write them down, also look up a few brand names of cologne and this way you can narrow down to a shortlist to choose from.



About Eau De Toilette And Eau De Parfum

Eau de toilette is a dilution of 5% to 16% perfume and water, this will last a few hours, but the more expensive the cologne Eau de parfum is much stronger and is why this is more expensive, but this will most certainly last longer.







How To Properly Apply Cologne

Now that you have the cologne that you like, applying it properly is in its own way of chemistry.

Cologne is made up of molecules and will break down over a period of time, you will want a cologne that will break down over a longer time as possible.

When the cologne starts breaking down, it will do so with the top notes, then its mid-notes,and then finally the base notes.

Getting better with time knowing and applying this, the better the sillage ( meaning the trail of scent that you leave behind you ) you will get.

When Is The Best Time To Apply Cologne To Your Skin?

The best time to apply Men’s aftershave cologne to your skin is straight after your shower. Make sure your skin is dry, straight after having a shower is when your skin’s pores are open the most, this is going to trap the most cologne possible and will lead to the least wastage.

A Little About Creed Cologne-Santal

Creed cologne has a history dating all the way back to the year 1760.

Creed is now a niche perfume house with boutiques in countries such as New York, Paris, Milan, and Dubai. This company sources only the best and purest elements from around the world to make their fragrances.

Original Santal blend is one of their sought-after colognes, which is inspired

by Asia, and also Royal Sandalwood trees.

Aftershave Balm Lotion

An aftershave balm will do the same job as lotion. This will soothe your skin and as balm generally has no alcohol this will be much easier on your skin. With aftershave balm, this is more of a moisturizer than a lotion as this is a creamier consistency and will more likely soothe your skin once applied to the area.

A Few Aftershave Balms To Look Out For

  • Caffeinated aftershave balm.
  • Brave aftershave toner, this will tone and soothe the skin at the same time.
  • American aftershave balm, known as the sandalwood “barbershop” scent, we are positive this is one of the best aftershave balms for men.
  • Mod cabin glacier aftershave balm, will hydrate and refresh your skin, the ice-cooling sensation of this aftershave balm will be a welcome addition to your grooming kit.
  • Rockwell razors aftershave balm, this brand is an old school grooming balm, this will be a great collection for your shaving routine.
  • Cremo cooling post-shave balm. Cremo’s balm will work when and where you will need it most, a true grooming must-have. Add this to your kit when looking for a cooling post balm.
  • Art shaving aftershave balm. Art shaving balm is a moisturizer and a balm rolled into one, from a brand you can trust to give you the best shave possible.